About Four Paws Up

Here at Four Paws Bakery & Boutique you can spoil your pets as much as you want. We have items for both dogs and cats. We carry all sorts of bakery treats that range in flavors, decorations and sizes.

For our Clothing and accessories sections we have many items. We have clothing for all sizes and most occasions. We also have doggy boots/shoes/socks! As for our toy section, we keep all toys USA made and safe for your pups. If you are looking for a clothing, jerseys, collars, toys, sizes, etc... we can try to order them!

Our treats are all made with healthy human ingredients, with no added preservatives. We make sure to include ALL ingredients on treats. If your pet needs grain free, wheat free... just let us know and we can help you! We also carry Diabetic, Pancreatic, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Colitis, Kidney Disease, Allergy FRIENDLY treats!

Birthday Cakes!? Of course we have them! Many flavors, shapes, sizes, and designs to choose from! Place an order with us today!

Everyone enjoys a nice bowl of ice cream. Now your pup can enjoy their own ice cream as well without all the sugar and unhealthy ingredients that are in human ice cream! Our doggie ice cream is made in Westport, MA by JC Wagmore. They create our ice cream with all local fresh ingredients, all from local farms. Our ice cream is made with only the healthiest ingredients for your pups, with no sugar.

All dogs (sizes and breeds) are welcome as long as they are leashed! Just please keep in mind that there may be other dogs here as well!

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